Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce made fourteen Sherlock Holmes films together. Here they are in numerical order.

          These are available as a complete collection of fouteen original black and white films, all on one usb memory stick. 

           Just plug the usb stick into your tv, laptop, computer or tablet. If your device has a usb port, then these will play. 

           Click on picture to view.            

               Hound  adventures  voice           


     Buy the full set now for only £15 and receive four extra films in colour. Free p&p in the UK. Worldwide, £5 p&p.

     Extra films are:-  Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon,Woman In Green, Terror By Night and Dressed To Kill.

   Latest!!  All the films will be on the new "SanDisk 32GB Ultra Fit High Speed USB 3.0 Flash Drive" .                    

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